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Woolworths Gladstone

This was a major lighting upgrade to achieve better uniformity of light in all outdoor areas, the lobby and restrooms. The tipping point for management to go ahead with the upgrade, was the warranty scheme M-Elec provides (3 years On-Site & 7 years for the products) and the return on investment case study, which demonstrated significant savings – more than $1,000 per year, per fitting! (In this case, the existing metal halide lights illuminating the carpark were replaced with ROX area lights). The payback period is instant. LED technology generally uses half the power for the same amount of lumens produced; but this is not the only saving. Old technologies such as metal halide, fluorescent and mercury vapour lighting need continuous lamp replacement, which needs to be factored into running costs as well. The local, well-established contractor, Corfields Electrical, did an outstanding job swapping the fittings. This project highlights the importance and benefits of switching to new technologies such as LED. Needless to say that the newly illuminated spaces also look much better than before the upgrade.