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In a small shed at the back of his property, Tim Mobbs, a second generation electrician established M-Elec after seeing the need for reliable lighting and building basic LED modules.


Tim & his father Geoff build an LED profile with an opaque diffuser, which was installed into Australia’s first purely LED commercial application.


Tim designs and releases the first wide beam, dimmable LED downlight when at the time all others in the market had narrow 35-degree beams, terribly designed lenses and multiple LED’s showing. M-Elec introduced simple things like adding interchangeable trims and large terminal blocks for easy installation.


M-Elec releases the 1BOX LED downlight solution with 3 colour outputs and 2 trims in the one box. This reduces inventory, suits a large number of installations and starts the 3 coloured LED revolution throughout Australia.


M-Elec wins a Good Design Award for the unique packaging of ‘downlight in a bag’ made to aid cleanup and reduce waste.


M-Elec releases its first version of the NOX series with great success due to its exceptional lumen output, offset bracket for easy installation and efficacy.


M-Elec launched the revolutionary tool-less plug base the Blind snake Taking one extra step out of installation. Blind Snake wins a Red Dot design award the same year.


Always pushing further the team at M-Elec expanded on the Blind snake technology and launched the Rapid 10 downlight.


In an effort to better serve our customers the old PLI system was given a revamp and became M-World. M-World is rapidly expanding to offer our customers, an easy to use platform for warranties, assets, resources, education, an open community to discuss all things M-Elec and more.


The XC Connector and connector system is launched. A great example of our innovations being created specifically to make electricians lives easier.  The XC (eXchangeable Connection) system is just that, a system created to make connection type the installer’s choice. Meaning replacing drivers and using the right connection for the job are that much easier. Do your job your way.


M-Elec is moving into the automation and smart technology market with a new product called Stitchy set for release mid-2019. Keep your eyes peeled.


Designed for electricians, the new NOXBOX makes junctioning simple. We’ve listened to your feedback and have updated the NOXBOX to be even more durable whilst maintaining it’s functionality and easy installation. Fitted with three quick snap connectors, rigid cable clamps, and a built in IP65 seal that removes the need for a silicone gun, the NOXBOX comes with everything needed for any junction box installation.


After working with electricians for feedback for 2 years M-Elec releases its APEX range of spotlights with single screw fit-off, load-out terminal, tool-free adjustments and a 3 3 axis sensor gimble.
M-Elec enters into the prestigious Good Design awards and is awarded with 1 Good design award for the NOXBOX130 and a Gold Good Design award for Stitchy!


After solid growth in 2021 M-World expands its courses with several registered for CPD points, business courses and industry-leading strip calculator. M-Elec grows its sales team across the east coast of Australia to support its wholesale network. M-Elec is excited about serving its customers and M-World members further in 2023.


Part of the MR range, the slimline “click” oyster has been deisgned with an easy base fit off and a simple slide-to-connect light unit quick fit ‘click’ base makes the M-Elec Click oyster the new go-to product for internal applications.

“Anyone can import products but it takes a lot of time, energy, knowledge and passion to create products that work in the harsh Australian environment. I strive to create new niche products that people need.”


Over the last decade, M-Elec has firmly established itself as one of the most respected and innovative light producers in Australia.

Founded in 2006, like many great companies M-Elec had humble beginnings. Operating from a small shed at the back of his family home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Tim Mobbs quickly built a reputation for producing high quality, reliable LED packages mainly for the automotive industry but also for the hobby trade. After enrolling his father Geoff to design and produce an aluminium profile with an opaque diffuser, they began producing ground-breaking designs that offered a high lumen output coupled with low power consumption – the first in Australia. Not content with one first, M-Elec were quick to see the potential of the new wave of SMD chips and the higher lumen outputs that they provided and produced the first wide beam LED Downlight – the ML-D15.

Innovation has always been at the forefront of this family-run firm, as it continues to push the boundaries and continually challenge the status quo of traditional lighting products and techniques. Providing its ever-growing base of loyal customers – both domestic and commercial – with precisely what they need, this award-winning company has forged its success due to a winning combination of innovative designs, high-quality products and the ability to back it up with unrivalled customer service. M-Elec now boasts an in-house lighting design service, multiple warehouse facilities and a rapidly increasing network of stockists.

Proud of their origins, M-Elec will always stick to the core values that their success has been based on and one thing is certain – for this Australian success story with small business values but big business ambitions, the future is bright.