Questions & Answers

Q1. Is there a difference between Home Automation and Smart home Automation

Yes, Home automation is normally centred around a dedicated product or service whereas smart Home automation is open to all platforms and not restricted to just one product or service

Q2. Can any house or building be made smart?

Yes, any building which is constructed and operating of an approved 240v AC or 415v AC system will be able to be converted


Q3. Is it possible to retain the standard wall switch used for lighting as part of a home Automation system in all cases?

No, with some Home Automation systems it’s a requirement to have specialised wiring systems and control systems.

Q4. With Smart Home Automation and Home Automation systems am I required to use specific light fittings

No, with a vast majority of Automation systems you can use the lights of your choice

Q5. Name 3 automation systems which can be retrofitted to an existing home

Stitchy, Brilliant, Kasta and for a more complex installation you could use Fibaro or Control 4

Q6. If I lose internet, how can I operate my lights?

The wall switch will still work and you can also use your phone or table if they are on the same WiFi.

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