Easy. Safe. Rapid Plug Base

The Blind Snake™ was designed to revolutionise the installation time for downlight plug bases using an entirely tool-less patented Fang™ technology. Turning a laborious task that involved a series of both tools and techniques into a single two-handed motion has made the BlindSnake™ a product that not only outperforms the market’s best, it’s changing the perception on what ‘connection to cable’ technology can be.

Do’s and Don’ts
How does it work?
Tested to the Extreme
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The Blind Snake pierces through the outside of the 1.5mm2 or 2.5mm2* twin and earth cables to make a solid connection with the internal conductors.

Constructed from high-grade PC plastic to resist fire, engineered from high-grade copper and brass for active, neutral and earth connection fangs™, the Blind Snake™ is SAA and Global-Mark compliant. The audible click and robust connection assure the user that the connection is made safely.

Sliding lid
Removable 1.5mm cable tray (remove to suit 2.5mm)
Main cable tray
Actuating internal wings
Active & neutral copper fangs
Earth fang & outlet pins
Main base with outlet ports

Recommended cables to use with Blind Snake (In order of best compatibility)

1.5mm (2C+E)

  • ELECTRA – RF3015V
  • PRYSMIAN – 1.5TE

2.5mm (2C+E)

  • APEC – VFM105E02W
  • ELECTRA – SRF3025V
  • PRYSMIAN – 2.5TE