We’re on a mission to design innovative
lighting products that electricians love.

Working towards one goal

Electricians around the globe spend a lot of time and energy in their jobs. It can be an enriching experience, but can also be frustrating and time-wasting. Helping improve the day to day jobs of an installer is what M-Elec do.

The only way of achieving that is with a team made up of imaginative, talented people who work and support each other in the process of completing our goal, while working alongside people we respect, admire and believe in.

We understand that work-life balance is essential; It allows us to do the best work we can. As a result, we create a fun workplace where every day is different.

At M-Elec these are some of the values we work by — We know there is real value to be gained from helping electricians, wherever they are, making their jobs easier.