Discontinued Products

M-Elec has retired all products below as discontinued no exceptions. Wholesalers and installers cannot order replacements (unless a newer version is available) or parts for discontinued products. All Electrical wholesalers are provided with this list of discontinued products and must express knowledge to customers upon purchase of a discontinued product.

Titan vandal resistant clips
1 BOX-90 V2 downlight
D13 MULTI 13W downlight
MR10 10W downlight
MR1072 10W downlight
MR13 13W downlight
B12 12W downlight
D1072 10W downlight
D1090 10W downlight
A15 16W downlight
White 84mm trim
Brushed alu 84mm trim
Stainless steel 84mm trim
Brushed alu 110mm trim
SQ 84mm white trim
SQ 84mm brushed alu trim
1BOXC20 22W downlight
1BOXC30 33W downlight
C20 22W downlight
C30 33W downlight
C50 55W downlight
C70 72W downlight
S40 47W shoplight
S70 67W shoplight
F20 20W batten
F40 44W batten
Titan TN20X2 20W batten
Titan TN40X2 41W batten
1BOX-HAS 16W oyster
1BOX-HAM 25W oyster
1box-T36 12X3
1box-T36 6X6
T40 50W T-bar
T40 6X6 50W T-bar
Rectangle surface mount
Square surface mount
Square frame
T-bar suspension kit
PARAKIT-SN-D paraflood kit
PARAKIT-D paraflood kit
PARAKIT-S paraflood kit
PARA38/16-NW paraflood lamp
10W RGB floodlight
30W RGB floodlight
10W floodlight
30W floodlight
50W floodlight
100W floodlight
160W floodlight
200W floodlight
NOX3 30W floodlight
NOX5 50W floodlight
NOX10 100W floodlight
NOX15 150W floodlight
NOX20 220W floodlight
NOX30 300W floodlight
All-in-1 7W solar light
All-in-1 15W solar light
All-in-1 22.7W solar light
All-in-1 35W solar street light
All-in-1 47W solar street light
All-in-1 60W solar street light
High powered 100W solar light
High powered 160W solar light
High powered 110W solar light
Solar plaza light 15.6W
Solar plaza light 35W
Solar plaza light 60W
Solar PIR security light
COB high bay 50W
COB high bay 100W
COB high bay 200W
COB high bay 300W
Neptune 100W high bay
Neptune 150W high bay
Neptune 200W high bay
Neptune 90 degree reflector
Neptune 70 degree diffuser
Wireless RGB controller
1box-90 13W downlight
1box-D10 10W downlight
Neptune 60 degree reflector
Neptune microwave sensor
MR 150W LED high bay
MROYS-S 15W LED Oyster
MROYS-M 20W LED Oyster
MR high bay bracket
NOX1 15W floodlight
T4050 Multi 12X3 LED panel
T4050 Multi 12X6 LED panel
T4050 Multi 6X6 LED panel
T4050 Multi suspension kit
T4050 Multi recessed kit
NOX right angle adapter
NOX5 pole bracket
NOX10-30 pole bracket
NOX spigot adapter
PE10 light control sensor
T2030 Multi 6X3 LED panel