Cover, the way it should be.

When I was an apprentice working for my father, he always taught me to ensure we protected our family name, it was our business name and future. When I started M-Elec I applied those same business principles design, function and trust. Every product we release, sell and develop, we want to ensure that our customer feels confident in using the product and is protected by the guarantee that if the product doesn’t function then the product should be replaced, repaired or upgraded. That’s why M-Elec has decided to provide a new warranty structure that will increase the warranty period on our product ranges and give our customers peace of mind when utilising our products.

— Tim Mobbs.CEO

Our Warranties.

When you purchase M-Elec products, you will also receive coverage from the M-Elec 3, 5 or 7-year Limited Warranty offers depending on the series. By becoming an M-World member you can also obtain additional On-Site warranty benefits. Should your product be defective, you can choose to make a claim under Australian consumer law in conjunction with the M-Elec Limited Warranty.

Our full list of T&C’s and warranty disclaimer can be found by clicking below

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3 Year Warranty

Covers Blindsnake, Rapid XC and accessories against manufacturing defects for three years from the date you bought your product.

5 Year Warranty

5 Year warranty

Covers NoxBox, Mirage, Titan, Apex, and the MR range against manufacturing defects for five years from the date you bought your product.

7 Year Warranty

7 Year warranty for M-Elec LED lighting products

Covers all premium products including NOX, 1Box, VALO, MEDi, and ROX against manufacturing defects for seven years from the date you bought your product.

Free On-Site Warranty

Free On-Site warranty is exclusive to M-World members from 1st of January 2021.  Free onsite warranty for 3 years includes parts & labour. In conjunction with your standard product warranty. Terms & conditions apply.

Consumer Information

When can repair or replacement coverage me from?

Defects present when or after the customer takes delivery or purchase

How long is the claim period?

Three years
From the date of purchase for Blindsnake, RAPID XC, and accessories M-Elec products.

Five years
From the date of purchase for MR, APEX, TITAN, NOXBOX and MIRAGE branded M-Elec products.  

Seven years
From the date of purchase for NOX, 1Box, VALO, MEDi or Rox Branded M-Elec products

Is there a cost for coverage?

Limited warranties
Provided at no additional cost

Provided at no additional cost

Who do I contact to make a claim?

Claims for our Limited 3, 5 or 7-year warranties can be made through the seller. Thus being the wholesaler the product was bought through.


Included repair or replacement options
Can be arranged at the wholesale store of purchase.


Telephone technical support
Can be made via M-Elec telephone technical support, At the place of purchase (Wholesaler or via email or live chat available via the contact page on the M-Elec website


Exclusive to M-World members

1. Our warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law and doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications.

2. See the warranty for complete details.

3. Please retain your proof-of-purchase information as this will be needed by the store or warranty department.