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What you need to start your own business

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When starting a company the focus should be on keeping costs as low as possible and income as high as possible. You will have bills and payments to be made coming from different areas that you never may have considered. So how do you work out what is and isn’t required? Buying expensive equipment, tools, vehicles and even hiring staff too early will see expenses outweigh income rapidly. Some questions you might be asking yourself are: Do you really need that new van or can you use the old ute you already own? Do you need a full Milwaukee Pack-out, or can you just use the old screw box? What type of help is needed for accessing future funding? Would it be easier if I had two people? In this course we will try to help you find the answers to the questions about what you will and won’t need to start your business and if you own your own business, you can use this course to find out if there are items or services that you could potentially remove to save costs.