The lodgement process

1.   Complete the OSW claim form (ensure installation date & address are correct
2.  Add all the products installed and the number of faulty products that you replaced on the site (e.g. ML-MR10-MULTI-XC, 10 installed, 1 faulty)
3.   Upload your proof of purchase or previous OSW certificate (your claim will not be approved without it, a delivery docket will suffice)
4.    Complete the time taken to replace the faulty products and include proof of hire equipment if required
5.    Complete the description & explain what the issue was and how it was addressed.

Approval Information

M-Elec may manually check the content of the approval and has the right to un-approve the claim if we need

  1. No proof of purchase
  2. Incorrect product lodging
  3. Any misleading information

What do I need to do when my claim is approved?

  1. If you have lodged you claim prior to rectification works, please go the place of purchase, ask for the replacement products complete the rectification works and return the faulty products to the place of purchase. Once complete and the claim has been approved go to step 3 below.
  2. In most cases you will have already completed the rectification work, once you have lodged your claim will be assessed within 5-7 business days.
  3. Once approved you will receive your OSW Certificate ID via email confirmation.
  4. Send your invoice to with the OSW Certificate ID as your reference number (your invoice amount MUST match the claimed amount)
  5. If all is correct M-Elec will pay your invoice within 30 days from EOM.