Premium for less.

The MR range previously known as the ‘mates rates’ range is a series of LED downlights, Battens, Oysters & high bays that have been designed to offer electricians the best possible LED innovations, at the best possible value.
MR products aren’t built cheap. They are designed to incorporate the impeccable build quality you’ve come to expect from MR products with materials specifically chosen to maintain the premium feel while not compromising the functionality of the light. All MR products are backed by a
5 Year warranty

MATES RATES 👍 The BEST possible innovations 👍 The BEST possible prices

MR 10/13 MULTI XC*

MR 7 / 8 / 12 MULTI*


Award Winning

The distinct brown cookie bag houses the MR-10 MULTI or MR-13 MULTI downlight which is loved by electricans nationwide. It won the good design award for packaging in 2016 and is still to this day the most eye catching downlight packaging throughout wholesalers stores. We carry this same distinct brown though all our M-Elec MR packaging.