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Electrical safety during flood conditions

By February 28, 2022No Comments

As we witness another natural disaster, there is no better time than now to ensure the electrical safety of you, your staff, home and business owners. Electrical safety becomes even more important as we face the unknown with the like of floods and storm damage.

The need for this SAFETY WARNING comes about due to the existence of “SOLAR PANELS and BATTERY SYSTEMS”. Just because the electricity has been isolated, doesn’t mean the solar panels are not generating a high voltage DC and the batteries have been isolated correctly. So please take the following precautions as a minimum:

  • Complete a visual inspection prior to accessing the premises
  • Ensure you have all the appropriate safety gear and equipment
  • Note if they have solar or batteries
  • Evaluate if the premises is structurally and electrically safe to enter
  • Locate the batteries, inverter and solar circuit breakers (Normally beside the switchboard or in the garage or carport)
  • If you can access the roof (if it is structurally safe to do so), and you have the correct safety equipment, turn off the isolator located on each bank of solar panels
  • If unsure, safety first – contact your local authorities
  • Remember if you find something which could be harmful in anyway, advise the authorities immediately

All homes should be inspected prior to the clean-up teams access any type of buildings and a safe to enter notice left on site.

Should you have any further queries contact @masterlectricians, @electricalsafetyoffice @energex @cleanenergycouncil

Kind Regards


Wayne Crookes – Product Support