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M-Elec introduces Stitchy, their first home automation range

By September 3, 2019February 15th, 2022No Comments

M-Elec today have released Stitchy, the companies first home automation range of modules and controllers.

“We believe smart lightning should work across as many different platforms as possible and must have the ability to be installed and commissioned by electricians easily,” Tim Mobbs said in his introductory video of the product in March. “Stitchy ‘isn’t smart if you ‘can’t turn your light switch off and not be able to use your voice to turn them back on” Tim added.

Stitchy will launch in four versions. A dimmer module, which allows you to control the dimming capability of lights. A relay module, which provides for on/off functions of lights and two controllers for one channel and five channel strip.

The Stitchy devices have been very well received by those who have tested the units “Stitchy is simple to use, and with zero loss of function at switch it makes Stitchy a very versatile product” stated Brendan, a Stitchy beta user “I would happily recommend stitchy to my clients.”

With the launch of Stitchy, M-Elec is committed to the future innovation of smart home technologies, and as with all M-Elec products, M-Elec will continue to develop products that are easy to use, install and commission.

“‘There’s been rigorous testing via our beta program earlier this year to make sure the modules were as easy to install as we thought, this also gave our teams a great leg-up in creating comprehensive training manuals and videos for our customers” Tim explains.

Stitchy will be released throughout Australia in selected electrical wholesalers nationwide with the addition of essential training sessions being held across Australia by M-Elecs training and support officer Wayne Crookes.

The sessions will equip those who attend with the fundamentals of commissioning stitchy. “”The course is very hands-on, we have designed smart boxes which will give participants a real feel for commissioning the products on all the big known smart home brands, “Alexa, Google and Apple”” Mr Crookes explained “”Successful participants will become certified Stitchy installers which give them priority on the commissioning of smart homes across Australia””.

For more information about Stitchy, authorised stockists and training sessions, please visit our official Stitchy page