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A Message From The CEO – Tim Mobbs

By March 30, 2020February 14th, 2022No Comments

Hi guys, as we work through these trying times it now more important more than ever to ensure your financial viability at the end of this awful situation. As we know from talking and continuing to speak with our clients through social media, Facebook, Facebook community pages, regular emails and just the occasional phone call all counts toward securing your future. As you are aware we a lighting manufacturer and supplier and you are wondering how we can assist, it’s simple: M-World.

M-World is a free membership which has a number of benefits one of which is the simple On Site Warranty (OSW) program, it’s as simple as spending 5 minutes to register the site in M-World for the small fee of $9.95 and for the next 3 years should you have an issue with any M-Elec products we will cover your costs to replace the faulty product. 

Having the site registered under the OSW program is also a product you can on sell as a type of insurance to your customer as you hand them a certificate, also make sure you advise them as the site has been registered to call you if there is any issues, and if they do call always try to see if they require any additional works required while you are there as you can do it at a discounted rate – just a thought! 

M-Elec is here to serve, and we will do that in any way possible both now and in the future