Products In The Pipeline

March 30, 2020 March 31st, 2020


The legend of NOX Floodlights has now reached its 3rd version, offering you higher efficacy than ever and new models, specifically a 80W, a 460W and a 600W, which can reach the incredible lumen output of 89,500lm. 

The NOX V3 range offers new modules which screw directly into the floodlight, providing the addition of a microwave sensor and a PE Cell and new quick fit brackets including adjustable spigot mount, a pole adaptor and type 3, 4, 5 lens options which adjust the beam, making the Nox V3 range suitable for almost any installation.   

Our NOX V3 floodlights are perfect to be used with M-Elec’s new IP rated Junction Box, the NOXBOX 130. This will be the first of a series of Junction boxes available in different sizes that are unique on the Market. For more information:   



No more big and ugly one-way boxes are required for joining any type of cable! Designed to fit in almost any exterior or interior location the NOXBOX Series from M-Elec is designed by Electricians, for Electricians.

The first model of various sizes of junction boxes, the NOXBOX 130 features a folding lid, screw-less clamps, quick-snap Wago connectors, and both rear/bottom knock-out entry points.

With no other comparable products on the market that offer the speed, ease of installation and slim design the NOXBOX 130 will improve every job you use it.