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Recap of 2019

By January 30, 2020February 15th, 2022No Comments

Its hard to fathom that the year 2020 has arrived! It always seemed such a distant date that we probably never gave it much thought, but here it is. It’s fair to say that the last 10 years have seen significant development in our industry and the pace of change has been greater than ever before.

If we think back 10 years, LEDs weren’t common place. They were around and the early adopters were using them but most of us were still cautious of this “new” technology. They were largely expensive and inefficient and kept at arms length. 

Fast forward to today. LEDs, whilst still not the number 1 light source, are a very close second and they are expected to overtake traditional light sources within the next 18 months. There are very few projects now that LEDs cannot be installed in. Indeed, we are seeing LEDs being used in the entirety of building installations now, where once it was a mix or combination of light sources.

With that brings more competition too. It’s a great sign for our industry that people are choosing to invest in start up companies in our sector, be that manufacturers or installers. Of course it brings its challenges too. The ability for the industry to continue to make profit is one of the largest challenges we face and another being quality of products. Both are directly linked and are at the heart of the decisions we all make when choosing a lighting supplier now and in the future.

We firmly believe at M-Elec that quality, performance and affordability are still key drivers in the selection of a lighting partner. As you will know, product performance and installability are at the very heart of our company. Products must add value to the installer and wholesaler a like. We still design our products inhouse on the Sunshine Coast. We believe that this ensures that our product offering, now and into the future remains one of the best available in the market. 

A Snapshot Of 2019

  • Welcomed a number of new staff to the team. Each carefully selected to add value to our customers.
  • Introduction of project division to assist with your upcoming projects.
  • We are constantly developing new products and improving on existing products to best serve our customer needs.
  • Stitchy is not only revolutionising the future of home automation but with it we have trained over 400 contractors nationwide with further opportunities for 2020. Each certified Stitchy installer received a certificate, electronic badge and listing on our website. 

What’s Planned In 2020

  • We are expanding our team to better cater for our customers in all areas within Australia. 
  • We are looking to further enhance this division and implement a project specific catalogue which will offer a large array of products to suit many applications.
  • You will see the introduction of a number of new products in the first 6 months and improvements on some of your favourites.
  • We are offering training in areas to assist you in making your business grow. From Stitchy accreditation, LED strip, upselling, making money in a tough market, social media and much more.  

We look forward to working with you and your customers this year and to making it a great year for us all.

Kind Regards


Neil – Sales Director