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Welcome to 2020 From Tim Mobbs – CEO

By January 30, 2020June 26th, 2023No Comments

It doesn’t seem that long ago that everyone was worried about Y2K bugs and making plans for the new millennium. As we enter 2020 my mind goes to what has changed in the Electrical industry over those last 20 years. In general terms, the trade is still fundamentally the same but specifically in lighting, it’s advanced rapidly.

  • 2000-2010 saw the advent of fluorescent as a major step forward in power savings.
  • 2010-2015 saw LED become mainstream
  • now we enter a massively exciting time where home automation is low in cost and high in function. 

Personally, I’m excited about the next 10 years of progress in the electrical industry because of ever advancing technology. New technologies offer installation time saving devices and lighting products that are low in power consumption and high in quality. That means you can service more clients with better quality gear; making their lives better while minimising your time on each job. 

Over the last year we have put some fundamental founding company elements back in place which we believe add great value to each sparky. We want to continue making as many ways to serve the industry as possible. In late 2018 we established M-World to offer client protection from any M-Elec failed products and get feedback on new products. This group has now increased to over 1,500 members who are consistently offered pre-released products to give feedback on, training, and are always supported with on-site warranties to backup M-Elec products. I met and talked with many of these members throughout 2019 via our roadshow and M-World presentations and had direct feedback on our products and services. To all those that have given their time to talk with me and my team I want to thank you for making the products of the future possible. 

2020 see’s M-Elec getting back out with our roadshow and training extending to new areas. Wayne Crookes will lead this and is not only an electrician but a passionate problem solver! I would encourage you to look at the dates for training and the roadshow. Remember to book early to ensure your seat! 

Kind Regards

Tim Mobbs – CEO