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Who Is M-Elec?

By January 30, 2020February 14th, 2022No Comments

When people ask me to explain M-Elec in one sentence my answer is: M-Elec makes easy to install lighting and electrical products that electricians love.

We love to take a problem that electricians face and make a solution around it. This is what the company was started to do. I was frustrated that manufactures who where suppose to be the ‘best’ in the industry made products with small terminal blocks, fiddly spring clips and generally poor products, so rather then keep complaining I started making solutions. 

I remember one of the first products my father and I made was an LED pool light module using 1W LED modules encapsulated in clear resin. I had been making a few LED products in the back yard shed and we had consistent call outs to fix pool lights, which where both hard to seal, time consuming and only lasted about 6 months . The very first unit was made from using modellers clay and a tin-foil mould to stop the resin sticking to the clay. Unfortunately we didn’t realise with the increased temperature of the resin setting the foil stuck to the resin and blocked the modules lighting up!

After the pool light modules got solved I moved to focus on making LED strips because in 2006 the most popular light to install was the MR16 downlight which after installation consistently required maintenance and there was no long term solution. I wanted to offer a strip in a profile to cut power costs, drop maintenance and lower heat output. After asking a few technical people for advice and working the maths out I had the first LED strip created but quickly realised that making these products after working a full day as an electrician it was going to take far too long to create enough products to meet an order. Thankfully I made contact with a company in Germany that met my requirements and within a few months I was importing our first drivers, LED encapsulated strips and controllers.

At this point I knew M-Elec could become a solution provider for not just our small electrical company but Nationally for as many electricians as possible. My passion and excitement were not and never have been, to be the biggest company, but to be the company that provides the best solutions that electricians need. 

Fast forward to 2020 and our passion has not changed. We recognise that the only way to be effective in this market is by ensuring the products we make are made because you ask for them. Any person or company can go to China and buy products but to make products that solve electricians’ problems and meet their needs takes time, experience and feedback!

I believe each of M-Elec’s team members should reflect this problem solving and solutions DNA and to ensure this we train every new sales member a minimum of 3 days on our products and then every month they are trained as a group. We do this to ensure that if you are being served by a sales person, they understand what they are talking to you about from a technical perspective. We even train our warehouse, financial and marketing staff members in our product range because from time to time they will need to answer phone calls and we want to serve our clients as quickly and accurately as possible.

We at M-Elec live to solve problems and serve our customers.