The award-winning NOXBOX is an all-in-one junction box that has been designed by electricians for electricians.

Featuring a folding lid, screw-less cable clamps, removable quick snap LOX connectors & tray. Ensures fast & simple cable connections to multiple devices every time.

Junctioning made simple

Fast & easy

Removable strong quick
snap connectors – LOX

multi use

IP65 weather


* IP65 weather protected. For vertical installation only.

Out with the old. In with the new

Fits 4mm cable
Foldable lid
2 Rear entry points
Secure cable clips
Mounting points
3 x 25mm bottom entry points

NOXBOX. Designed for electricians

Removable strong quick snap connectors
Strong maintenance free connections
Fast & easy snap install – Fits up to 4mm cable

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