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Product Information


Configurable EXIT lighting for a wide range of applications. The B1, B4, and B5 model also include aimable spot lighting for hard to illuminate or specialty applications.

Tech Specs

Rated Power:

Exit sign: 3W to 6W
Emergency Light: 6W to 12W

Input Voltage:

100-277VAC and
12-48VDC (depending on model)

Lumen Output:

Available in 540lm - 1080lm

Lumens per Watt:


Working Temperature:

-20º to 60ºC

Housing material:

Die-cast aluminium
Exit Sign: Tempered glass
Sign Panel: Glass


Stainless Steel


Pendant, wall and end bracket mounting options (depending on model)

Product Cover

This product is covered by a 5 Year limited warranty.

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