Universal 2m aluminium profile ML-ALU2-K-V3


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Product Information


With a simple push on the diffuser, the ALU2-K-V3 is the simplest and most robust aluminium profile available. Cut it, glue it, insert it or modify it to suit your installation easily and quickly for interior or exterior applications.

Use our LED strip calculator to can help you calculate what other components you need (power supply, controller, LED strip).

MINIMUM ORDER: 2 Kits (minimum due to safe packing methods)


Available in
ML-ALU2-K-V3 Aluminium profile kit
ML-ALU2/4-EC-V3 End caps
ML-ALU2-DIFF-V3 Opaque diffuser
ML-ALU2-DIFFC-V3 Clear diffuser


Robust materials

Simple install

Adaptable for a variety of applications

What's in the box

1 x 2m Aluminium housing (ML-ALU-V3)

1 x 2m Opaque (ML-ALU-DIFF-V3)

2 x End-caps (ML-ALU-EC-V3)

Optional: Clear diffuser (ML-ALU-DIFFC-V3)

Tech Specs


Length: 2,000 mm
Width: 19.4 mm
Height: 12 mm

Product Cover

This product is covered by 3 Year limited warranty.

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