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Recessed Aluminium Profile 2M – ML-ALUR-K-V3


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Product Information


Recessed aluminium profile in 2m lengths with an opaque diffuser. Perfect for recessed installations under cupboards and in book shelves, walls, etc. The ALUR provides a very low profile with a push on opaque diffuser.

Use our LED strip calculator to can help you calculate what other components you need (power supply, controller, LED strips).


Robust materials

Simple install

Adaptable for a variety of applications

Available in
ML-ALUR-K-V3 Aluminium profile kit
ML-ALUR-EC-V3 End caps
ML-ALUR-DIFF-V3 Opaque diffuser
ML-ALUR-MB-V3 Mounting brackets

What's in the box

1 x 2m Recessed aluminium

1 x 2m Opaque diffuser (ML-ALUR-DIFF-V3),

2 x End-caps (ML-ALUR-EC-V3),

4 x Mounting brackets (ML-ALUR-MB-V3)

Tech Specs


Length 2,000 mm
Width 25 mm
Height 7 mm

Cut Out Width

17.3 mm

Minimum order

2 Kits - due to safe packing methods.

Product Cover

This product is covered by 3 Year limited warranty.

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