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Titan X Standard Model ML-TN60-X-M





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Product Information


The next generation of Titan fittings, the Titan X, has been designed to be even tougher and pack in more features than before. Standard features include: 3 colour selection, multiple power settings, giant terminal blocks, marine grade external hardware, multiple side and rear entry points, and a wide mounting footprint. Sensor models feature 0-10V dimmable drivers with the sensor being tuneable for sensitivity, time, luminance, and a variety of holding patterns. Our innovative Yellow / Green version can switch between yellow or green by the user with an internal switch. Emergency version available on the standard, sensor, and yellow/green models. DALI drivers available as an accessory kit. All of this packed inside an IK10 IP65 housing with 316 stainless steel clips and backed by our 5 year warranty (1 year for EM batteries).

Tech Specs

Total Power

ML-TN60-X-M: Max 20W* (Selectable 11W/14W/17W/20W)
ML-TN60-X-M-EM: Max 23W* (Selectable 13W/16W/20W/23W)
ML-TN60-X-M-SN: Max 20W* (Selectable 16W/20W)
ML-TN60-X-M-SE: Max 20W* (Selectable 16W/20W)

Lumen Output

ML-TN60-X-M: WW 2215lm | NW 2530lm | W 2430lm
ML-TN60-X-M-EM: WW 2000lm | NW 2200lm | W 2100lm
ML-TN60-X-M-SN: WW 2000lm | NW 2200lm | W 2100lm
ML-TN60-X-M-SE: WW 2114lm | NW 2274lm | W 2120lm


ML-TN60-X-M: WW 110lm/W | NW 125lm/W | W 121lm/W
ML-TN60-X-M-EM: WW 86lm/W | NW 95lm/W | W 91lm/W
ML-TN60-X-M-SN: WW 100lm/W | NW 110lm/W | W 105lm/W
ML-TN60-X-M-SE: WW 105lm/W | NW 113lm/W | W 106lm/W

Colour Temperature

3000K (Warm White)
4000K (Neutral White)
6000K (White)



Beam angle


IP rating


IK rating



ML-TN60-X-M No
ML-TN60-X-M-SN Yes (1-10V)
ML-TN60-X-M-SE Yes (1-10V)

Operating temperature

ML-TN60-X-M: -20°C to +50°C
ML-TN60-X-M-EM: 0°C to +45°C
ML-TN60-X-M-SN: -20°C to +50°C
ML-TN60-X-M-SE: 0°C to +50°C

Power supply

ML-TN60-X-M: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz (Osram driver)
ML-TN60-X-M-EM: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz (Osram driver)
ML-TN60-X-M-SN: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz (Boke driver)
ML-TN60-X-M-SE: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz (Boke driver)

Average life


Input /Inrush Current

ML-TN60-X-M: 0.085 / Up to 7 times Input Voltage
ML-TN60-X-M-EM: 0.096 / Up to 7 times Input Voltage
ML-TN60-X-M-SN: 0.09 / Up to 7 times Input Voltage
ML-TN60-X-M-SE: 0.1 / Up to 7 times Input Voltage

Power Factor



L 655mm x W 130mm x H 88mm


ML-TN60-X-M: 1.19kg
ML-TN60-X-M-EM: 1.46kg
ML-TN60-X-M-SN: 1.2kg
ML-TN60-X-M-SE: 1.4kg


5 Years
1 year for EM Battery

*Total power consumed including driver
**Average life calculated on the expected average lifespan

Product Cover

This product is covered by a 5 Year limited warranty.

On-Site Warranty

Free On-Site Warranty is exclusive for M-World members for 3 years from the date of installation. We've got you covered for any associated labour and equipment hire costs. Terms and Conditions apply.

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