Stitchy Pack C – ML-ST-P3


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Product Information


This kit expands on Pack B and offers approximately 50% of a home to be controlled by voice control with a total of 10 Stitchy units. Plus the pack comes with 2 battery operated sensors which offer easy movement activation control for internal applications. For example: toilet or hall way lights detect movement between 7pm-5am they turn the light on at 15% output to prevent glare and waking you up.

What's in the box

1 x Hue Bridge

4 x ML-ST-D200

6 x ML-ST-R200


Tech Specs


*RTP price to contractors | Philips Hue Bridge (Hue Hub) is a product owned by Philips. Stitchy is not affiliated with Philips or Signify however Stitchy requires a Zigbee Bridge (Hue Hub, Alexa Echo plus or another Zigbee bridge) for Google home, Apple HomeKit and/or Amazon Alexa to operate in conjunction with it. Check with your local wholesaler for further information. Stitchy must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Product Cover

This product is covered by a 3 Year limited warranty.

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