Product Brief Autumn 2019

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At M-Elec we lead the way and question every facet of our business to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. We noticed the amount of waste involved with our old larger product catalogues (that took months to prepare and used a lot of paper) were thrown away after a short while. As well as being wasteful, the industry moves at such a rapid pace that an annual catalogue is almost immediately outdated due to the amount of new products we periodically release. For these reasons, we decided to re-design our catalogue, and bring them out more than once a year.
They are designed to feature our latest products & updates and provide an easy to digest overall view of our existing products. Full specifications are still online and a digital version of this catalogue is also available for download.


Easy folding

Compact design


Updated regularly

Product Cover

There is no cover for this product. If you require a newly printed brief, please visit your nearest Electrical wholesaler.

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