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Stitchy Manual for Consumers

Stitchy Consumer Flyer

Stitchy Quick Reference Manual for Consumers

Stitchy Fundamentals

Stitchy Product Range

Wiring diagram.

This diagram will assist you in wiring the Stitchy Dim and Switch to a standard light switch with ground.

Wireless connection diagram.

This diagram will help you figure out how the stitchy connects to different smart devices on your network.

Comparison Diagram.

This chart will provide you a detailed view of the differences of Stitchy and other smart devices.

Dimmer Chart.

The dimmer chart gives you a detail view of the dimming compatibility of Stitchy devices.

Install Video.

A quick how-to video to assist you in the install of Stitchy Dim and Stitchy Switch.

Commonly asked questions.

This page will assist you in answering some of the questions we are asked commonly.

How to PDFs.

Connection steps for all major variations and platforms

Connecting Stitchy to Philips Hue Hub

Required extra settings within Philips Hue Hub

Connecting Stitchy to Alexa (by the Philips Hue Hub)

Connecting Echo to the Alexa App

Connecting Stitchy to Apple HomeKit

Connecting Stitchy to Google Home (using Philips Hue Hub)

Adding your Google Home smart devices

Connecting Stitchy to Alexa Echo Plus (Directly with no Philips Hue Hub)

How to videos.

Step 1: Connecting Phillips Hue into the Hue app

Step 2: Connecting Stitchy to the Hue Hub

Step 3: Extra settings found in the Hue app

Connecting a Echo device into the Amazon Alexa app

Connecting a Google device into the Google Home app

Connecting Stitchy into Apple HomeKit

Adding the Phillips Hue Bridge into the Amazon Alexa app

Setting up the Philips Hue Sensor with Stitchy