A small, easy to install device that sits behind
your light switches to enable voice control of your lights.

Coming Soon.

Great for retrofit + newbuild homes.

Stitchy is designed to work will all lighting switches or flick. Simply install Stitchy behind a new or existing light switch to have smart lighting control within your room.

A smarter way to control your home.

Now you can use voice commands to control your homes lighting, appliances and other electrical goods thanks to Stitchy and the major smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Home that Stitchy works with..

Simple to install.

We’ve made Stitchy with the electrical trade in mind. Stitchy is easy to fit-off and the video resources make it easy for any electrical contractor to install Stitchy devices and get a smart home up and running.

Say 'hello' to Stitchy

We have created a versatile range of Stitchy devices to cater for any needs you might have. The Stitchy Dim module allows you to dim your lights on and off simply by using your voice. The Stitchy Switch module allows you to turn your lights on or off simply by using your voice. The Stitchy RGB module allows you to control RGB LED strip and the Stitchy RGB module allows you to control RGBWWW LED strip.





Become Stitchy certified.

Become accredited as a smart home professional and Stitchy installer through our unique M-World Stitchy course. This online or in-room course will teach you all you need to know about Stitchy, Smart devices and how to Install, commission and sell Stitchy to your clients.

One device. Many possibilities.

A smart device that only controls lighting isn’t smart, with the Stitchy Switch you can now control more than just your lighting. Control household appliances like the kettle or your Tv simply by using a compatible smart home platform and Stitchy Switch.

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